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a teenager pleads guilty in a car crash that killed his two friends last november. november.19-year-old dale pudet was driving here along he crashed into a ree.... hen killing his assengees... 19- year-old jeffery giles and audet plead guilty this morning o manslaughter byy motor vvhiile.prosecuttrs are reccomenning he serve 18 monnhs in prison, followed by 6 months offhomm detention. baltimore county police continue theirsearch for suspects ....after a man is shot and the
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towsontown garage. it happened early sunday a huge crowd gathered in towwon.eeght others were arrested for pssault or disturbing the peace.some...tried to get into to a partyat the recher soll out. it was hossed by a the theaterr.whichhad rented (johnson) "we've had rrlatively few prrbllms in that area for quite sometime, and we're very confident that community, s public safety, this incident or an inccdent like this will not repeat itself." no one has been arrested in connectionwith the shooting. but police are ow reviewing security videoat the mall's paakingggarage. county is locking their doors and leaving their lights oo tonighh after a weekend crime s. spree.cara ayres, hampstead: 10.39 "everybody's pretty shaken up by it." it." county is locking their doors and leaving theirrlights on ttniggt after a weekend crime spree.55 car break- one happened in the hampstead ssturday night.f thieves caused about ssi &pthousann dollars in damage,
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but didn't steal mmuh of anything. major phil kasten: 4.28 "theee was malice that was apparent these ccimes."shellle ordway: t 21.26 "i'm not realll mad. i'm just more astonished at the nerve of some peopleethat they'd just come right up tt people's houses and their drivewwys and steal stuff." thieves hit, about 50 of themm were left unlocked. new tonight, an anne aaundel county mother faces additional charges after police say she leff her children alone... iin a hotellroom.... while she went on a robbery spree. kathleen cairns has more on áwhyá tameka wriggt is facing áfiveá counts of leaviig a child unattended. (as live lead in) "a hooel guest had some cash and a cell phonn stolen st night it happened here at the royal inn in odenton.. when police came to investigate they found five children all alone in a hotel room the chiidren's ges 4 months to six yeers old."--ppg weeeefound aloneeinside aa hotel room at the royal inn in odenton. police say the children's mother is 35 year old tameka wright.
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22 year olddjames eid... assaulted and robbed a man at the same hotel late saturday night. the victim told police where the suspectsswere staying. and when police they found the childrennby &pthemselves. (((police)))) "yeeh its unusual and certainly a isturbiig as well. i ean ya have a robbery and thee you have chhldren ho during the robbery are leet unatteeded pnd ann again these children were vvrr oung in age. " residentt of the hotel tell foo 45 news.. wright aapeared to be : good mom:(guy in was.. thee always had food aad clothes and all thht stuff ut...."(voice only)"i never pnew that she left them ii the room thats terrible"other passersby sayyleaving the kids alone.. is just wrong. (toi think she needs to go to jail thats what i think.. " ---cairns as live tag---"sat now that theyre mother has - been releassd oo bail it ii not clear whether hey are now.. with hhr. in odenton kc fox 455news at five. " u-s senators arr calling for
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the releaae of a maryland man imprisoned in cuba alan gross is servvng a 5 year sentenceeii uba for allegedly trying undermmne their goverrment by providing jewish communities.noo, llwmakers have wrrtten a letter to cuba's president... calling this a major obstacle to improving relations with the u-s.the letter is signed by 44 senatorssincluding ben cardin aad barbara mikuuski. cuba wants to exchange gross for five cuban ageets washington haa reejcted the - pwap. the state's highest court -pus alston's law license.the prince george's county democrat was found guilty in june of misdemeanor theft and misconduct for using $800 in state money to pay an employee in her law office. she's also accused of using ampaign money to pay for her edding exxenses, and will face those as the weether ggts cooler more stink bugs are showing up
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in maryland homes. hhoes. janice park is strraminn live in ellicott city to tell us whether homeowners homeooners expect hings to gettbetter or worse this year.
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teaching science to city elementaay schhol students ggt &pnational science foundation. stephanie rawlings- blake were on hand at arlington elementary school in northwest baltimore to announce a 7 point 4 million dollar grant between johns hopkinn university nd the city school syssem.the five yyar rant will help math and science teaahers team up with faculty from the joons hopkins school of engineering to find ways o better engage ssudents in learning about sciencc..
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3:11"hoo proud you must be, to school...i didn't see a kid in phe classroom ttat looked like they didn't want to be in school....they weee excitee abouttschool"...they were excited about science" &pscience" the mayor says the program will engage ver 16000hundred ptudents hhw are the roaas looking tonig? report. e report..- pbelairwwlkensmaps395map -
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3 one teenaaer ii the target f a cruul the last laugh. i'm candace doll in os annelesson thh see oo new girr. check it out this is the apartment hat you seeeevery season. season 2 t all ssarts tonight on fox45, but we're going to take you ehind he scenes coming up. --adblib weaaher tz--
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a... bullied gets... the... last lauuh....//.. after... students... nominated her... for... homecoming ourr ...// as... a joke.../ nd... she won! wonnaa... first... bernice kropp... was... exxited to... learn her daughter... was nominated... to... her... high school's... hhmeeoming court...//. then... she... found out was... aa...cruel prank..../// whhn... ord... &pof the prank... ppread... thru--out... the community../ . students .... started for her..../she ... even... endee up ...getting a free makeover... "we took a look at a dress for her. e're helping her out with a gown. as ell as some involved with the gown. um, and um, something for her hair. hhr footwear, her
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shoes, to ake hhrrfeel special" special."whitney's... mom said... the overwhelming support... situatiin... right.../ and... her daughter enjoying it's... not... your... typical pool party.../ one maa... in florida... says... hh... can guarantee... a... wild event... you....won't forget...///.it's... the guest ... that's... causing the buzz. buzz.this... alligaaor...////.bob barrett... of... alligator briigs burger your home - &p.../ and... allows him... to swwm the pool.../ - yes... the gator's... kids... even... get a course gator 20-36"you've had the chhck e. cheese party. yyu've had he clown party. you've had the jjmp-a-roo bounce house party. wwll, when you say ou're going to have a arty, they go that's nice. we're gonna ave a pool party. that's nice. weere gonna have a pool party comes."gator. everybody comes."- barrett needed a way... to
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mmkk up... for timms... when tourism slow hissattractionn..// police using license plate hhw much 3 3
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3 fox... rolls--- out.... all... newweppsodes... of... a... few comedies tonight....//it ... icks off... at... 8 o-clock... with the show .../ "new girl" ii evvry persons life where
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for no reason whatsoover, they oppooite ex sex schmidt ... hrows himself... a... "re-branding" party... in... thh all-nee season tto .... "re-launch"... episode...///. jess... is... laad off... fromm her teaching posiiion.../// she... tries oou... a... few &pnew jobs....///thissshow ...was a hit ...when it debuted ...lass season...//thh ptar.. zoe... des---chanel... says... that thhs peason.... features... the same cast...// theyy.. have the same... - actoos. pooey says: we've always just been inteeested in telling storiis that people will like. these characttrs. i think we are all pretty practical about itt. ya know 3 you... can see... a... ...of... new girltoniggt... at... 8-pm...///. thee tune... in... to... the... season premiere... of... new girl at 9pm. the... new comedy ..."ben and kate"... ill premiereeat 8:30...// and... "the mindy project".... will debut... at 9-thirty.
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3 coming up... zombie bees?hhw one mateur bee farmerr.. --adblib weather tz--
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biilogists have discovered the firrt recordeddcase of zombie amateur beekeeper captured strange, as if they were drunk. several of the bees were dead... and he didn't know whyy so he bagged some of them up... ann contacted the exxerts. soon... biologgsts came to their startling discovery. :52 hohn says: "i've never met a zombie, but t's very zombie-like..ha-ha-ha." ha-ha.":59 hafernick says::" we've been calling it the flight of the living ead.." dead.." zombie bees, are infected with a parasite,, the colorffl nickname was given for the way they act. they aree't a threat to
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humans... but they do pose a threat to the honey bee population. --- react to sttry --- beautiful weather for the past few ays... but we do have pome rainnin the forecast. &pchief meteerooogist vytas reid...
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3 tte ravens havveput the the browns...bruce cunningham has that story next in sports.
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p bit of a bump in the road forthe oriiles last night... after winning the opener off their doubleheader wwth toronto,they dropped the nighcap...nd it dropped thee back in the race for tte al eas. east..the yankees won last niihjt,,protecting their slim divisional lead...but the loss pn tte second game dropped the birdssa half game further back...they now trail the yankees by a game and a half ...the doubleheader was a result of a rainout earlier this season....and it's a tuff thing to ddto team in late september.... 3 ttursday night marks he second rrvens gaae in 5 days... 4th totaa in 18 ys.the ravens have to quickly turn off sunday night's excitement...and focus on their second a-f-c north opponent.tth cleveland browns. browns. the brownn aae ohhand-3.soundd pasy...but cleveland has stayed around every game...
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including a one poiit loss to the eagles in week's a physical team.with a youug offenss full of potential.once they put all 4 qqarters &ptogether and eliminate tuunovers.the offense is lee by tto rookies... running back trent richardson.and quarterback brandon weeden. 3 oriooes-toronto hilights and morgan adsit reports from uu tonight at 10:500and 11:30 --toss to vytas-- 3 33 3
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the... age-oll mystery... that... dogs and cats... can't seem... to get llng --/ iss.. no longer true --/ in... . minnesota.that's because a doo has become mother tt a stray jordan.the four- ear- ld - pekingese nammd "mittens" has adopted the tiny feline ---andd is even producing milk. mittens' owner, patticia webee, says her grandson found the kitten in the family's barn and brought her into the immeeiately kicked into "mother""mode.
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3 that's all for fox45 neww at next.and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... 11...ww'll see you later. later.

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